Spoken Taboo

The thoughts, words, and actions that are natural to me but taboo to others.

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There will never, ever be enough spinach.
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Bet a bit of me is broken

And I’m fighting to be open

if the possibility of healing is

to be gained.

And I reach out for a token

of affection, words are spoken

that make known the aching

tenderness of my pain.

The only thing that seems to heal is to be held.

Conversation only carries me a spell.

Touch takes the trouble of my tender

Calls upon me to surrender

Arches me into its splendor

Oh so well.

The only thing that seems to heal is to be held.

Conversation only carries me a spell.

Touch teaches me to retrieve

The breath it takes for me to grieve

Reminds me of the road to reprieve

My heart from hell.

by: Candice Nicole

Read more of her work at http://sexandthesisters.wordpress.com/


February 10 – Pray for the Power To Love
(1 Peter 4: 8)
Sometimes because of disappointments, delays, and just the mundane things in life that get us down, we have lost the authentic, pure, and big love that God gave us from the womb. When we were born, our pure love oozed out of us as children. God expects that pure love to remain with us for life. Many adults have become so hard-hearted that real love seems impossible for them now. Lack of trust, fear, anguish, and hope deferred has made their hearts sick. Sick hearts keeps true love caged. This is not God’s plan for the life of the believer. God expects his children to love so much, so hard, and so strong, that all people would see if your love, even if they don’t know you. If you’ve grown cold, callous, and distance, today is the day for God to renew His love in you so that you become a fresh person again.
Prayer Focus: Spend time in prayer adoring God for His love. Pray that as you move forward, that you will cultivate such a loving relationship with God that His love permeates and oozes out of your heart – which will impact your emotions, body language, choices, and reactions. Ask God to send you people to show you how to love (again, if necessary). Ask God to teach you how to have a heart that even gets His attention.